Donate to Collections

We accept donations of museum quality specimens in specific collecting areas:

  • invertebrate fossils (trilobites, fossilized leaves, petrified wood, etc.)
  • vertebrate fossils (dinosaurs, reptiles, fish, mammals, etc.)
  • minerals and gems
  • items related to the mining history of Box Elder County (including photographs, documents, artifacts from mines, etc.)

Specimens must:

  • be legally owned by the donor
  • have been legally obtained, including the appropriate permits (a copy of appropriate permits must accompany the donation)
  • not be forbidden items according to to present state, federal, or international laws.

Some specific items we are looking to acquire include:

  • Cinnebar (mercury ore)
  • Sphalerite (zinc ore)
  • Galena from Ophir
  • Dioptase (copper cubes)
  • Talc
  • Turquoise
  • Rhondonite
  • Vanandinite
  • Chromite
  • Rhodochrosite
  • Stribnite (antimony ore)
  • Bauxite (aluminum ore)
  • Uranium (carnotite)
  • Cerussite (white lead ore)
  • Ores from mine sites in Box Elder County
  • Any metallic ores especially native forms
  • A small gold nugget
  • fossils from any area (trilobites especially)
  • Artifacts from mining areas in Box Elder County
  • Pictures of mining areas in Box Elder County

To make a donation, contact Curator Ron Cefalo, (435) 723-3158 or
Art or historic materials [including materials related to the history of Brigham City, Perry, Willard, Corinne, Harper Ward, Mantua, and other areas of southern Box Elder County (including prehistoric artifacts)] can be donated to the Brigham City Museum. Contact Museum Director Kaia Landon, (435) 226-1439 or